Warriors V Cavaliers - The Real Story To Follow

Then there were two. 

NBA basketball, the Finals. Just two teams remain, The Warriors and the Cavaliers. Apparently it’s already all over though. The brooms are out, dubs in four, so everyone’s says. And you know that everyone is always right. Right? 

So why would you bother watching? 

Well, should you be interested in more than just everyone’s scoreboard assumptions, here's a list of sub-plots to indulge. 

Andre Iguodalas knee - Will he play? Should the entire Golden State roster suffer from Jordan playoffs stomach flu I’d imagine he’ll try. But I’m guessing he has a meniscus tear and as such will only be able to ‘go’ for a short burst in either a first or second half if that. 

Rodney hoods money - Can Rodney Hood prove himself worthy of an off season contract investment from the Cavaliers or otherwise? His lackluster commitment and performance has literally seen him haemorrhage dollars since being traded from Utah. No court time might equal a one way ticket to China. 

Kevin Durants celebration - How will the always emotionally awkward KD celebrate his teams (possible) finals win? Will he look to delicately chug another can of beer whilst wearing ski googles? Maybe a little alcohol in the eyes could at least feign a post game victory tear. 

LeBron James celebration - Should LeBron literally drag his team across the finishing line to win the Larry O’Brien trophy just how long could/should LBJ invest in celebrating? Short answer-eternity. Look for him to buy at least a percentage of Ibiza. 

Nick Young’s triples - The Warriors need real bench contribution-points would be nice. Can Swaggy P knock down 2 three pointers a game at around a 40% clip? Will Dennis Rodman continue to speak to his subconscious? Or will the spotlight of the NBA finals shine too brightly for Nick and the Dubs other finals newbies? 

Warriors playing nice - If the Warriors can share the ball and involve everyone they are near unbeatable. 24 assists a game should do it-but is there enough room for everyone in the sandpit or will they fall victim to singular sandcastle creation? 

Cleveland’s bench (full) of ‘potential thugs’ - With absolute nothing to lose (according to everyone) will the Cavs ask one or more of their seldom used bench players to ‘engage’ Golden States Draymond Green (or otherwise) and look to cause ummmm conflict? Technical foul prone Golden State might just blow a fuse or is the lesson learnt? 

Cleveland’s bench full of ‘potential somethings’ - Losing by 1 or 100 to the Dubs doesn’t matter. An ‘L’ is an ‘L’. Thus let the dogs (Osman/Nance/Clarkson) run free. If all they do is chew the corner of the couch and pee in the corner who cares. 

LeBrons ‘plan’ - Assuming LBJ hasn’t been brainstorming with Wile E Coyote he must have a plan. Doesn’t he? Surely?   

I hope LeBron and co can avoid those infamous Golden State third quarters and the game ending anvils that come with them to win the series in seven. 

That’s right seven. There’s no fun in being the same as everyone else.

Nathan Smart