VIC Women’s Hockey - Vienna

“Slow down, you crazy child

You're so ambitious for a juvenile

But then if you're so smart, then tell me

Why are you still so afraid?”

So begins the first verse of Billy Joel’s -Vienna.A song I’d never listened too before,though I assume I’d heard it quietly exiting the speaker of a portable radio back in the day.

There is of course a big difference between hearing something and actually listening.And so I listened and listened some more.

My relationship with Billy Joel never took off.I don’t blame the man or his music - just timing.I was 10 years old when Uptown Girl dominated the charts.At the time I didn’t care for any type of ‘girl’.Uptown.Downtown.Around town.Mary.Tania.Rachel.Or even Christie Brinkley.With or without her thick brimmed black hat.

And so I parked Billy Joel.Vienna.The whole catalogue.Until today.

Today whilst sharing a conversation over lunch with the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) ladies hockey team I was presented with the opportunity to re-engage with Billy.An opportunity I took.

I was told the song (Vienna) shared thoughtful lyrics.The type that made you think - almost demanded it.It only took the first verse for me to agree.

After all we’ve all moved too quickly in a quest to achieve - to acquire more - at the expense of the moment.And time.

Whilst I imagined the fear to which Mr Joel sings might refer to not having enough at a young age.Enough possessions,money or attention.Or of getting it wrong - getting life wrong.

I see the use of the word fear as a mechanism to track time.That people worry that they haven’t achieved everything they (supposedly) needed to achieve today.Right now.

Framing time with thought and care eliminates fear as it becomes an investment.An opportunity to develop a body of work.

If the VIS women’s hockey team choose to place their time against integrity rather than perfection.And competition rather than winning - they too can create a body of work.Work that reflects time well spent together.Work that is underscored by integrity.Work that will eliminate fear.

Vienna awaits.

Glenn Manton