Does Everyone Have Depression?

Personal reference. Group agitator. Life reference. Put your damn phone down is all of the above.

The curated collection of provocative questions spliced with raw stories resonates with teenagers and adults a like.

For example... Does everybody have depression?

Well... do you?

I believe everyone has depression. A spot of internal darkness. A low ebb from which the outlook appears narrow.For some the atmosphere is thick and ever present.For others its thin presence is blown away with the breeze.

Yoga, drugs, conversation, physical activity, pets, therapy, love, self love, music, diet, detox, environment, experience and time all present as possible avenues to ‘cure’ depression. But can depression be overcome? Should the focus be targeted towards management- individualised appreciation and greater understanding.

Awareness of depression (stress/anxiety) has risen rapidly in recent years. Data and real world reference would suggest that rates of depression are rising. Why?

Is technology, education, media, social media, diet, expectations, time, money, advertising ,religion, greed, boredom or something completely else to blame?

Does placing blame even help?

Depression is not new-this much we know.

Maybe our thinking needs to be?

Use your phone to investigate 

Is there any truth to the suggestion that those with more creative minds are prone to depression?

Do the (ultimately) sad examples of musicians and actors - athletes - whom have taken their lives as a result of long standing battles with mental health (depression) highlight the question or simply represent our collective celebrity insatiability?

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Glenn Manton