Digital detox - Connect.

Your audience deserves authenticity.Demands an experience.And an opportunity to engage-to participate-to digitally detox.

Prescribed programs share rigid opinion.How can one program fit all?

Whilst talking ‘at’ an individual or group is punitive-it does not allow for two way conversation. 

Scripted monologues.Tick the box exercises.Handouts.Power point presentations.Are all ineffective.

True motivation and inspiration is driven from within the individual via provocation.Change occurs when ‘we’ connect with relatable stimulus and choose to own our direction.

Each and every time I work with an audience I utilize my teaching and performance background to share thoughtfully curated stories,questions and activities that create connection,drive contemplation and promote opportunity.

Raw.Real.My vulnerability is a source of intrigue,reference and strength for your audience-any audience.

My vast life experience acts as a road map from which your audience can plot their own journey.

Each and every one of us deserves to access such a resource.

Digital detox.Group development.Youth workshop.Youth speaker.School speaker..VCAL speaker.VCE speaker.


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Glenn Manton