Yr. 12 VCE/HSC - Equation.

Maths was never my strong suit.Not even close.I need to make that painfully clear.


Algorithms.Not my friends.None of them.

Numbers would tumble about my head and spill onto the page or worse still the exam seemingly at will.Rarely were they correct.I never had control-even when I’d reference the answers in the back of the book and try to work backwards.

Thus please excuse the equation I’ve create below.Its oversimplified-but that’s the point.Everything is either rounded up.Or down.It’s basic math-at best.

It might however just prove to be the most important equation you’ve come across to date.It works in the here and now.And it works in the later.After all you can take the mechanics behind it and place it against anything.

I’ve placed it against year 12 (VCE / HSC)

Your year 12 (VCE / HSC).This year.2019.

Where should we begin?

Let’s start with total months engaged -

Feburary through October 2019 (Rounded up)

And move onto...

Days per month -

31 (Rounded up)

9 x 31 = 279 days 

I have no doubt you’re with me so far.

Weekends (Saturday/Sunday) per month -

6 (Rounded down)

9 x 6 = 54 days 

You’ve probably skipped ahead but...

279 days - 54 respite days = 225 YR 12 engagement-days of ‘work’- school work (Rounded up)

We can break this down further using the same ‘basic’ formula to include contact hours or study time-but I’m guessing you see the point.

225 days.Thats its.Done.No more school-nor anything like it again.Thats right-never again.For better or worse.

So why the bad maths?

I’m sure you’ll figure that out.And you might choose to create your own equation.One that demonstrates your superior mathematical skill and individual perspective.

You may also like to consider these Yr 12 suggestions -

Create a playlist

Your playlist acts as an emotional barometer - sing loudly,badly and purge your feelings.

Put your social media on hold

You won’t miss anything.Seriously-nothing.

Steal a dog

Preferably rescue a dog from a shelter.Dogs listen.Comfort.And love to be walked.

Create a routine 

Establish patterns early in the year.And cover all bases.From how you study to what you eat.Planning and structure are the safety nets of success-corny eh?

Schedule a blow out day

Yep!Because all work and no play creates a tension that will explode at some point towards someone or just cause you to go ‘pop’.And going ‘pop’ isn’t good.


Easier said than done.See what I did there?Be honest-open-ask questions and listen.