Old Orchard PS staff in service - I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

I have climbed the highest mountains

I have run through the fields

Only to be with you

Only to be with you

And so goes the first verse of U2’s ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ which was released as the second track on the bands 1987 release The Joshua Tree.

The Joshua tree was U2 at its best.

A critically acclaimed album released well before the legacy altering Songs of innocence which became an unwanted addition to millions of iPhones-and general download irritant.

U2’s (and Apples) overestimation of their relevance cost them market connection.I certainly switched off.

Not that I was never a U2 fanatic.My interest in other sounds prevented me from diving headlong into their catalogue-and any live performances.

I did however manage to catch the band behind the scenes.It was 1993.The Zooropa tour.And it was big.

I remember sitting in an uncomfortable white plastic seat taking in rehearsals as the band prepared to play at the MCG-I can’t recall what songs they worked through that day but I’d be shocked if ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ wasn’t on the set list-at least an encore.I was where I shouldn’t have been,on edge and ready to make way should I have been discovered.I shouldn’t have been so jumpy though as no one seemed to mind as I enjoyed watching one of the world’s biggest musical acts fine tune their performance in the afternoons sun.

I really hadn’t thought much on U2 since.They seemed destined to add to the early nineties soundtrack in my mind and not much more.

During a workshop for the staff of Old Orchard primary school U2 got a plug.A mention from a dedicated fan who had experienced the band live on more than one occasion and sang their praises accordingly.

The reference caused me to step back into the early nineties and think on U2.

I thought of the passion,focus and of course the message the Irish group seemed to underscore each and every song with-and I thought about teaching.

If you teach with passion,focus (a pupil focus) and a clear (bright) message that can be followed and replicated what better way to develop students?What better way to teach?

Should you be prepared to move mountains and run for your pupils what greater demonstration of attention and care?

And if (as a teacher) you are prepared to offer-not force-your thoughts/ideas,history and time upon young people what better way to learn from U2-whom inadvertently became a teachers aide.

And the perfect reminder to always be authentic.

Relevance should never be assumed.