Politics and youth-a disconnect.


Reckless spending.Intrusive behaviors. Gratuitous promotions.Wasting resources.Clouding opinions.Publicly shaming-whilst crying foul of same.

Clueless behaviors, each and every one of them.

Teenage melodrama.The type of nonsense that leave parents breathless, desperate for help-and change.For these actions cause friction.Diminish trust and create division.

The solution?A focused social curfew delivered with an appropriately gruff monologue...should do the trick.Problem solved-right?

If only I spoke of teenagers.

I speak of Australian politicians.

Our so-called leaders who exhibit the aforementioned behaviors and more.

Liberal.Labour.Independent.The Greens.

Men and women who consistently let the youth of this country down with their hollow leadership and insincere communications.Yet demand our young people ‘get it right‘

They (politicians) neither hear nor provide a youth voice.There is no connection.

Thousands of young people become eligible to cast their vote for the first time in the upcoming Federal election.To be held May 18th - 2019.

An important privilege that many about the globe would covet.And yet ‘donkey votes’ or empty forms will be folded and roughly placed into collection bins because young people (like so many Australians) simply see the political system and it’s characters as a joke-a very bad one.

Can we blame them?

Clear,consistent and genuine communication builds trust and yet our political leaders do little to connect with young people (let alone the remaining population) - young people whose energy,innovation and integrity Australia desperately needs.

Where are our leaders?

Is Bill Shorten inspirational?Clive Palmer believable?Scott Morrison trustworthy?

Or Pauline Hansen worth the airtime?

Standing before countless young people over the last 10 years as a guest speaker I’ve asked my audience(s) to name a political figure to whom they relate...admire and trust.

I have never received an answer.Never.

The response always pains me.

(As I feel exactly the same way)

Naming a political figure whom you trust is a challenge.One you find inspiring?Admire?Who you think is connected to the people?

Asking our young people to display behavioUrs our political leaders can’t role-model consistently, if at all, is embarrassing.

Our young people deserve better.And for that matter so does everyone else.

Glenn Manton