Put Your Damn Phone Down

Put Your Damn Phone Down


At a party? You’re on your phone. Lying in bed? You’re on your phone. Out for dinner? You’re on your phone. In class, on the train, at a concert, in the gym: phone, phone, phone, phone.

And what’s wrong with that? Everyone else is doing it. But do you ever get the feeling that while you’re glued to your screen you’re missing out on … life?

In Put Your Damn Phone Down, former AFL legend Glenn Manton shares insights and wisdom from his years on and off the field. There’s no judgement. No rules. Just true stories and questions to get you thinking …

So if you want to live life instead of just viewing it on Instagram; if you want to have adventures instead of watching them on YouTube; if you want to fulfil your dreams instead of standing by while others fulfil theirs … this is the book for you.

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How to use this book:

I’m not about to preach to you. What’s the point? 
My opinions are mine, the result of my experience.
And yours are yours.
Believe what you will.
Live exactly as you choose.
Your life is yours. Yours alone.
And my life is mine.
Each of my extraordinary triumphs.
And each of my spectacular stuff-ups.
My responsibility alone.
However I would like to share with you one thought-slash-philosophy-slash-principal that I live by which I believe is relevant to your use of this book.
Here goes.
Even though I’d like to believe in reincarnation, I don’t.
I don’t believe I get a second chance at this life. There are no do-overs.
I believe in the here and the now. And I believe in the future.
If I’m not giving everything to this life, believing I get a second chance at its conclusion, then what am I doing? For all I know, I may be reincarnated as a one-legged seagull desperately chasing a hot chip by the beach. Now, I love the idea of being able to fly and I love the sun and sand, but is that the life I want to live? 
Hell no!
So I’ve made my choice. 
Live now. 
Give absolutely everything you have despite the risks. Despite the pain. Despite the fact that sometimes life is not fair or just or right. I’m not focused on perfection or being ‘the best’  – these are false pursuits.
My focus is placed squarely on my integrity and authenticity. I live my life. 
And you should live yours. 
I say this because how you choose to use this book is up to you. It’s your life. Your book. The effort you put in. The research. The thinking. The people you share it with. The conversations. That’s all up to you. Your integrity and authenticity will be reflected in your actions and your result. It’s really pretty simple.
Inside you’ll find stories and recollections alongside questions for you to consider. There are no right or wrongs. Accompanying most of the questions is a reference that I’ve found relevant, powerful and memorable. Each represents an opportunity for you to dig deeper. There are drawings, movies, songs, articles, photographs and even podcasts. Share them with family and friends. Look at them together. Discuss and debate them.
You’ll probably need your phone to do so. And some data. Because your phone isn’t all bad. Used thoughtfully your phone is one hell of a tool. Your phone can connect you to information, ideas and conversation. It just has a habit of distracting you (and me) from the here and now. 
As a result we miss moments with family, friends and the world around us that will never come again.
It’s just a matter of you choosing to use it to isolate or connect.